New Renaissance – This page is for those who have realized (or in the process of realization) that our living systems worldwide are in jeopardy. Living systems include Our Rivers, our oceans, our soil, our food, our water, our healthcare system, our education system, our economy, our ecological processes, our bio diversity, our politics and our belief systems. We have been conditioned to consume and possess more and more and making it a sole purpose of human life. Most of the problems societies and individuals today face, right from day to day problems like traffic jams, polluted cities – air – rivers – oceans, ever increasing waste, ever increasing degenerative – psychological – allergic diseases – job dis-satisfactions… to the larger problems like unworthy medicine – health – pharma and food industry, greedy education system which is designed to produce more consumers and workers and promoting mono-cultures of mind, ever increasing inequality, clear failure of ‘trickle down’ economic theory, peak oils, climate change, species extinctions & ecological collapse. The root cause of all these problems happen to be the same – It is the development model which we have embraced. The whole idea of development revolves around limitless GDP growth and maximization of profits by selling more and more stuff and promoting consumption.The same idea is manifested on personal level: acquiring and possessing more and more stuff and towards achievement and maximization of materialistic comforts and enjoyment. But we live on finite planet. Unlimited growth on planet with the physical limits is impossible, but we are obsessed with the idea of growth and more stuff.

Even the Idea of ‘Development’ itself is very superficial which focuses only on material well being and that becomes sole purpose of human life, everyone is running in a rat race of maximization of consumption and confusing it with success and purpose of life. Purpose of human life is not that unworthy. ‘Development’ has a deeper meaning on Individual and on society or nation or planet level. Purpose of human life is the evolution of all dimensions of human existence like physical (i.e. health), emotional, intellectual, psychological and spiritual. Purpose is to find your unique gift and its creative expression and expansion of your consciousness. Thats the real meaning of development on individual level.
Now thinking in terms of system, if we consider human as a basic unit of Earth as a one system. All humans are subsystems of community, all communities are subsystems of nation and nations are subsystems of planet. In nature, every subsystem works for the advancement and evolution of its super-system. Meaning if any subsystem evolves or makes development, the super-system also evolves. e.g. If a plant grows forest also evolves.
But in the current development model, ‘development’ of Individual is hampering society as it increases inequality and uneven distribution of resources. Development of human communities hampers and restricts the evolution of Nature. Which makes this model highly unsustainable because the advancement of subsystems is killing their super-systems.
Material well being is off-course necessary for survival but its just an instrument not the final destination.

Tracing back into history for the reasons of such disastrous concept of progress, we find that, the very idea that humans are separate from each other and non-human beings and rest of the universe is at the root of everything.
This page focuses on both, problem and solution sides. Problems which are mentioned and the solutions which could be anything from personal to universal levels like alternative economic models, going off grid, chemical free living, conscious consumption, life cycle assessment of products, up cycling of products, natural farming, permaculture, biological conservation, ecological restoration, paradigm shift etc.